After you’ve validated your idea, start your business—a quick run-through of the first steps to officially (and legally) be a founder.

1. Form a C Corporation in Delaware

You can file as a C Corporation through below or with an attorney contact. FirstBase is the cheapest and fastest option.

[ Discount](

Attorney Contacts

2. Open a Bank account

After forming a legal entity and receiving an EIN, open a bank account. Mercury has the most intuitive banking platform for startups in addition to no fees. Get $250 for free below:

Mercury | Banking for Startups

3. Co-Founder Matters + Equity

If you have co-founders, you will need to delegate tasks and titles. It’s very important early on to have clear expectations. In most cases, splitting equity evenly is the best option. Here’s a quick video from YC

How to split equity among co-founders : YC Startup Library | Y Combinator

4. Section 83B Elections

After receiving your restricted stock (i.e., founder stock), you have 30 days to file a Section 83B Election with the IRS. Here’s the rundown on how to file and what it means:

Filing 83B Elections